Why You Might Need A Standup Power Wheelchair

Most wheelchairs do not give a person the ability to stand while using them. However, this may have a significant influence on your health and well-being. Some electric wheelchairs, such as the Complex Power Standing Wheelchairs, enable users to sit and stand easily. Standing technology is risk-free, dependable, steady, and long-term in nature.

Additionally, Complex Power Standing Wheelchairs, like other Complex Rehab Technology products, have individual configurations. This means that your chair will be tailored to your specific requirements.

Common Individual Configurations

The following are the standardindividual configurations in this wheelchair:

  • Leg rests and foot platforms that may be raised manually or automatically.
  • Unique joysticks with special customization.
  • Use of alternative methods of drive control, such as foot control, head control, and sip-and-puff
  • Power tilt and reclining complex features.
  • Seat and back cushions that are unique and custom-made.
  • Headrests, side and hip supports, and other positioning accessories.

Benefits of this Wheelchair

Eases Mobility and Access

You will be able to reach more places and undertake more tasks independently with this wheelchair, as it gives you the capability to stand and work.

Lesser Injuries

Sometimes, electric wheelchair users experience pressure resulting from keeping pressure on certain body parts. However, this wheelchair enables pressure redistribution, avoiding skin and pressure injuries.

Eye Level

Maintaining an eye level with friends, families, and coworkers is beneficial to your neck and back. Additionally, it also enhances your self-esteem and boosts your overall well-being.

Improves Lung Functioning

The ability to position and reposition appropriately helps maintain the diaphragm in an open position. This may assist in avoiding health issues in people at risk of developing respiratory problems.

More Blood Flow

Your overall health benefits from standing since it boosts blood flow throughout your whole body. As a result, there is a reduction in blood pressure-related conditions.

Minimization of Overuse Injuries

Standing wheelchairs reduce the need to regularly reach above and over-stretch your arms, hands, and head. This lowers your chance of developing overuse injuries.

Common Drawbacks

This wheelchair doesn’t have many drawbacks as it has approval for medical use. However, persons whose bodies respond with spasticity may not be suitable for this wheelchair. Spasticity involves pulling the individuals out of position while moving from a sitting to standing and then returning to a sitting position. Additionally, individuals with knee limitations cannot use this electric wheelchair, as there is a hindrance in their ability to move the knee joints.

Insurance Cover

Insurance covers are not always assured for all wheelchairs. Some mobility devices like the Complex Rehab Technology require the provider to establish a medical necessity for insurance to cover such a person. This implies that you must be suffering from a condition that necessitates using the equipment. This necessity might come from the need to prevent, diagnose, or treat a sickness or an injury.

However, insurers have been hesitant to cover Complex Power Standing Wheelchairs despite their enormous advantages over people with different conditions.

Who is this Equipment Made For?

Generally, this technology is suitable for all persons who have the medical approval to use an electric wheelchair and have the clearance to use them while standing.


Gwendolyn Arnold