Are Suits And Silk Ties Still Necessary In 2022?

After two years of working from home due to the pandemic, times are starting to change. Many people are now being called back into the office on a full-time or hybrid basis. While heading back to the office is a sign of normality returning for many, it can also be slightly daunting. After spending so long dressed down in loungewear, it’s quite likely that many people will have to revisit their workwear wardrobe. However, the real question is, are suits and silk ties still workwear essentials?

From Sweatpants To Suits

The rules of office attire have been challenged during the pandemic and it’s unlikely that traditional workwear will return in its entirety. It was easy to get used to the luxuries of elastic waistbands and having creature comforts throughout the working day. The only times a semblance of a professional appearance would be required is for video calls. While this was great for a time, now a return to the office is imminent and there are new rules to play by.

What Should I Wear To Return To The office?

It is going to be a tough transition to return to tailoring after spending every day in ultimate comfort, so it’s important to know where to start. Modern offices are most likely to be the easiest to transition back into. In this environment, dark jeans were already acceptable, but now, light washes are an option. Pair these with easy-going t-shirts, a lightweight jacket, and boots for a solid yet stylish work outfit. If the workplace is semi-formal, a similar look with a few tweaks is a good option. Switch out the t-shirt for a slim-fitting polo shirt and change up the jeans for a pair of chinos.

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When it comes to formal offices, the work dress code is pretty difficult to dress down, but adaptations can be made. Whether you start with a two-piece suit or trousers, now is the time to style it out. Try and step away from the classic corporate colour scheme of black, brown and blue. There are far more colours to check out including oranges, reds or purples. Alternatively, patterns and prints are other great options to inject a level of casualness into your outfits while remaining suited up. Accessorise the trousers or suit with a complementing coloured shirt, silk tie and smooth leather boots.

Elevate Your Style

No matter what your office attire is, there are a couple of little tips and details that can elevate your general style after working from home. Firstly, a simple wristwatch is a great touch for any look as it shows a subtle touch of style. Secondly, an excellent quality leather bag or backpack is a great option for tackling the commute. Not only will a bag add premium style to an outfit, but it will also serve as a practical piece to carry any essentials to and from the office.

Workwear In 2022 And Beyond

As it stands, are suits and ties still vital in 2022? Well, in short, that is dependent on the office in question. It is fair to say that the majority of workwear fashion has taken a more relaxed approach, but certain corporate offices will not lose touch with their dress codes. In this case, yes, suits and silk ties are still relevant in 2022, however, it’s now all about picking clothes with personality and styling them in a fresh way.


Gwendolyn Arnold