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Types of Upholstery Fabric

There are different types of upholstery fabric available in the market. Some of them are cotton, wool, leather, linen silk, polyester, leatherette, rayon and nylon. These fabric types are very commonly used to make different sorts of furniture for both home and office use.

Choosing the appropriate upholstery depends on various factors, including the space it is used, traffic using it, budget, and weather conditions. Choosing the right fabric helps in personalising the space appropriately and gives stylish look. Check for the wide width fabric to make the upholstery.

Let us check some details of very popular fabrics used for the upholsteries –


The most popularly used natural fibre is cotton. It is the cheapest option yet offers comfort and stability. Cotton is more durable and can be easily dyed to make different colours. Cotton fabric is available in different grades and patterns. But, cotton is more susceptible to stains.


Silk is considered the most luxurious and expensive natural fibres used in upholstery. Silk is long-lasting. It has a shine giving it a luxurious and formal look to the furniture. Silk is available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs. Maintenance of the silk fabric is high, especially with pets and kids. It is also susceptible to spillage and stains.


Another natural fibre in our list is linen fabric that has its origin in the flax plant. It is also a popular and affordable fabric that can be used in daily used furniture. It is durable, among all types of upholstery fabric. Linen is also mixed with synthetic fibres to use in upholstery.


Velvet is an upholstery fabric that gives an elegant and royal look. It is one of the most attractive fabrics that offer a rich look to the furniture. Velvet fabric can also be dyed to make different rich colours. Due to all these properties, velvet falls under the expensive category.


Though jute is generally used in making mats and ropes, it is now used as the upholstery fabric as well. It offers excellent texture to the furniture, such as ottomans and dining chairs.  It also can be combined with other upholstery fabrics to make patterns and designs, giving the furniture a chic and attractive look. The disadvantage of using jute is that it is a little uncomfortable due to its roughness.


The most popular natural fabric is leather. It is one of the most durable among all other fabric types and is the best option for high traffic areas. Leather is one of the most favourite materials for making furniture in home decoration and commercial uses.

Leather gives a perfect finish and an authentic look. But leather is the most expensive fabric and is used in luminous high-end furniture. Hence, its synthetic version leatherette is now extensively used. Leatherette looks and feels similar to leather yet is an inexpensive choice to make stylish furniture. It is easy to maintain leatherette upholstery with regular cleaning with a damp cloth and soapy water.

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