Tips To Use When You Buy Glasses Online

The pandemic has hit us hard. While it has changed the way people communicate by putting new limitations on social interaction, it has also changed the way people shop giving rise to online shopping.

We are not saying that online shopping wasn’t there before the lockdown. But the shift to a more digital world has surely seen a boom in the e-commerce industry. From clothes, shoes to accessories, window shopping has become the first choice of the customers. While many people are aware of the tips when it comes to buying clothes online, many people don’t seem to even have a clue about how to buy glasses online.

As glasses are the most prominent facial accessory, you can’t afford to go wrong when it comes to selecting a frame for your face. If you also feel the same, here are some tips that will come handy on your next eyewear shopping.

Wear your style

It is true that glasses help you see better but they are also an extension of your personality. What you are is reflected on your glasses. You should pick a frame style that better defines your personal style. So the first step you have to make in your online eyewear shopping is to pick a pair of glasses that fits your vision needs and style.

Consider your face shape

Knowing which frame style will look better on your face shape and features is your next best shot to buy the right spectacles. The right frame should contrast your face shape and highlight your best features.

  • If you have defined angles and a visibly strong jawline, round glasses or circular frames are your best bet. They will soften your sharp features with their curvy structure.
  • People with round faces should look for angular frames to balance the natural symmetry of their frame. Square and rectangular glasses will work in this matter.
  • For oval face shapes, every frame style will work as long as it is not too round.
  • For those with a diamond-shaped face, wear cat-eye glasses to add an illusion of width to the upper part of your face.
  • In case you have a heart-shaped face, look for frames with heavy embellishments on the bottom bar to make your cheek area appear broad.

Frame comfort

When you buy glasses for your vision needs, you have to wear them for a long time during the day. A bulky frame that irritates your skin is the last thing you would want. However, you can eliminate these discomforts by bringing attention to some of the features.

  • Make sure that the nose bridge of the frame sits perfectly on your nose. If you don’t do so, you will be left with red marks and burden from your new frame. When you buy glasses online, you will have access to a myriad of frame and nose bridge sizes.
  • By using adjustable nose pads on your glasses, you can make sure that they fit well on your face and won’t slide down everytime you bend over to pick something or tie your shoe lace.
  • Go for temple tips that bend slightly downward over your ears. It will give your spectacles a nice grip.

Add your prescription

The next step to get good-quality cheap glasses online is adding your prescription. It is the piece of paper that your optometrist or ophthalmologist gave you after taking your eye test. In case you haven’t had an eye exam in 2 years, make sure you get one before you buy glasses online as you will need your updated prescription.

Choose the lens coatings

Apart from your optical power, your lens is also helpful in protecting your eyes from  bad lights. To get this functionality, you have to add some special coatings on your lenses.

Adding an Anti-UV coating will shield your eyes from the harmful UV rays. If you have a lot of computer work to do, consider a blue light coating to get maximum eye comfort.

Once you are done with all these steps, make sure to give a quick check to the online retailer’s return policies. Also, read some company reviews to know about the buying experience of the previous customers.

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Gwendolyn Arnold