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Time To Order Club Ties For 2022

Membership organisations and clubs across the UK keen to travel abroad received some welcome news recently. with a government announcement regarding current travel restrictions. Effective from February 11 at 4 am, the significant alterations are set to make it easier and more affordable for travellers to make an international journey. As a result, organisations planning a group trip will want to ensure they have a healthy supply of club ties on hand to equip all their members with.

Uk Clubs Are Ready To Go

Clubs in Britain have been quick to report the news to their members. One of Britain’s leading motorsport organisations, the Auto-Cycle Union(ACU) that supports 550 clubs across the country and manages 3000 events every year, reported the details of the revised restrictions the very next day.

The relaxed requirements that are allowing club travel abroad again, are being attributed to Britain’ success in effectively rolling out the COVID-19 vaccinations and subsequent booster shots. Now fully vaccinated travellers arriving back in the UK after a club trip will not need to undertake coronavirus testing.

Instead, eligible club members who are fully vaccinated and travelling will only need to complete basic passenger locator forms that include their contact details, travel history and current vaccination status.

Staying Safe While Travelling Overseas

While restrictions have relaxed, it’s understood that those leading club trips should advise caution to those participating in upcoming adventures overseas. It is worth remembering that while here in the UK, the successful vaccination rollout has helped, other countries being visited may still be struggling with COVID-19 and have specific laws concerning social distancing and the wearing of face masks.

Wearing club ties has been a British tradition for a wide range of institutions and organisations. Competitive clubs playing sports like football, rugby, cricket, shooting, sailing and hockey often travel and attend press meetings wearing their official ties. As well as offering a sense of being part of the team, these garments featuring club colours, branding and emblems are an ideal way to keep the group together on a trip abroad. When societies and clubs involve younger members, this can be particularly useful for those in charge, ensuring that no one gets lost on a trip.

Club ties created today have come a long way since the unrecyclable polyester predominantly used to manufacture them. Cutting-edge technology allows modern ties to be made in factories run by low carbon alternatives like solar power and even the polyester used is eco-friendly. Advanced methods allow club ties to be created from recycled plastic bottles using the same technique employed to make many of the innovative and environmentally sound face coverings used by Britons during the pandemic.

Instead of ending up in landfills like their predecessors, the latest club ties are designed to keep the planet safe.

The Welcome Return Of Club Travel

As a result of the recent amendments, the United Kingdom will now enjoy one of the most open societies and free-flowing borders in the whole of Europe. With travel restrictions easing, organisations can start planning their next trip overseas. While exercising caution is always advised, the updates to the rules will make it an easier prospect for membership organisations and teams alike to get kitted out with their club ties whether they are competing or collaborating with others in their field abroad this year.

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