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The MUST HAVE for your 2023 Wedding…

Weddings are all about being in love, about celebrating love and about planning your very own, personal celebration. These are memories that can be cherished for a lifetime, not only for the happy couple but for each and every guest lucky enough to share that special day.

So you’ve decided on your venue, your first dance, the caterers and the DJ, what’s missing?  We need to make those memories! A photo booth is the perfect addition to your evening reception, with instant print out photographs for your guests to keep forever, props to strike a silly pose with and even a wind machine to spice up those selfies.  What better way to capture the fun of a night that nobody will want to forget, than a guest book full of those moments? Your guests can stick a copy in your memorable guest book, along with a personalised message; such a nice keepsake.

Having a photo booth at your wedding is the perfect way to get authentic pictures on the night. Not everyone will want to do a formal pose for the wedding photographer, but they’re more than likely to visit the photo booth for a fun group picture or selfie later on. Think of it as an extra, less formal and more fun set of wedding photos.

A newer take on photo booths at weddings is a much simpler approach than the idea of a classic booth, simple selfie pods which save space, time and money. Without a curtain as a restriction, more guests are able to join in the selfie-taking fun and include the beauty of the venue decor and atmosphere in the background. Whether your venue is a traditional and elegant or tastefully modern, this really does make the perfect addition to any style of wedding.

Photo booths are also a great way to break the ice at any kind of function. You’re likely to have a range of different people from your life invited to your wedding, so it gives your guests something fun to discuss throughout the day and helps people break out of their shell. There’s just something about a photo booth that brings out the crazy side of people!

Photo booths come in a mixture of style and sizes. There are selfie pods that are stylish and take up no floor size at all. There are enclosed booths that are great for getting groups inside and having a real laugh. Then there is Magic Mirrors, these look great in any room with the light up hollywood frames. The latest craze is the new 360 photo booth that is a camera on an arm that spins round you to make a video gif of you and your friends.

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