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Six Reasons For Getting A Nose Job

Nose jobs are all around us, with celebrities and their infamous noses. However, there is a more valid reason for this operation: the nose job can help cure allergies! Here are the six main reasons for getting a nose job.

1. To Cure Allergies

A large number of people suffer from allergies, but it’s not always clear why they have them and what exactly causes them to get worse over time. The answer? It may be due to the changes associated with ageing that create less blood flow in your nose that causes smaller airways. Nose surgery can increase the size of your airways so you have better breathing overall and fewer allergy symptoms.

2. To Fix A Deviated Septum

A deviated septum is a condition in which the nasal septum, or partition between the nostrils, is abnormally shifted. This can be the result of a simple injury that causes scarring at the top of your nose. A nose job will fix a deviated septum by correcting the previously injured area and ensuring that your two nostrils are balanced in size.

3. To Correct A Collapsed Nostril

If you have only one nostril that opens when you breathe, then you may be suffering from a collapsed nostril. These problems often times occur during childhood and can cause pain and breathing difficulties later on if never corrected.

4. To Address Congenital Nasal Polyps

Congenital nasal polyps are essentially benign growths that produce excess mucus and may lead to chronic sinusitis. This can be treated by a rhinoplasty, and the polyps will be removed via this procedure.  The corrected septum will ensure that your nasal cavity remains open and that no residual polyps remain where they need to be removed.

5. To Correct Post Nasal Drainage (PND)

PND is nothing more than drainage from a blocked nasal passage after surgery, either part or full. The two most common causes are; deviated nostrils or elongated turbinates’. Correcting the septum and turbinates’ will ensure that drainage is able to pass through your nose more freely. Post nasal drainage can be a significant cause of irritation and sinusitis, and allowing it to continue will only make things worse.

6. To Protect The Nasal Passage

It is common for scar tissue to form around foreign objects, such as your septum. This scar tissue can bunch up and block the nasal passage. If this happens, it can increase your chances of developing an infection or other forms of sinusitis. Correcting the septum will ensure that the passage is not blocked by scar tissue, thereby reducing your risk of further problems.

Final Thoughts

The modern nose job is a skill that has been perfected over the years, and it can help you fix your nasal problems. If you aren’t sure how to go about a rhinoplasty, visit London Cosmetic Surgery and see what they can do for you!

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