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How To Layer For Winter

Can you believe it? It’s already winter! Fall certainly gave us a taste of the winter chill, but we still need to get our winter wardrobes in order before the cold sets in, you can probably relate to the need to add emerging designers and peel off layers and switch between inside and outside based on the ever-changing weather forecast. Feel like the big guys

As much as we love our spring dresses, summer shorts, and the warm sun, winter is a great time to show off our styling skills and play with new fashion trends. Do not be afraid to continue! To embrace color and prints in winter and let your outfit lift the mood even on gray days.

Choose your base layers. Why isn’t your base layer so cute? This could be the result of a poorly planned base layer. If you can nail down the base layer, you’ll set the tone for the perfect outfit and eliminate the fear of delays. The key with your first layer is that they fit well and are light and especially in complementary printed cardigan.

Make The Most Of Warm Fabrics.

Fabrics like wool and cotton are excellent insulators and can keep your body warm without adding bulk. Therefore, in women’s knitwear, cardigans, and other winter clothing for women, you can often find wonderful materials; consider these cozy fabrics as your second layer before adding a coat or jacket. Blazers are a solid second layer option to swap leggings for Ponte pants; our Ponte Austen pants have that extra thickness to provide warmth without sacrificing stretch and comfort.

Add A Thick Outer Layer

Most of you will probably agree that it doesn’t matter how many layers you wear; if your feet, hands, ears, or neck are uncovered, you will still get cold. Add an extra layer, printed coat be it boots, printed coat, gloves, berets, or scarves for the finishing touch for that insect comfort in the carpet feeling. An added bonus is that these fantastic winter accessories not only keep you warm but also make fashion statements. They enhance your outfit in a playful way and allow you to express your own personal style.

Think About Your Proportions.

The key to a perfectly balanced winter AW21 trends is that you don’t wear too many layers anywhere. This creates a more flattering silhouette and makes you feel best. It is good to choose slim and elegant trousers and vice versa! A voluminous lower half requires fitted and fitted blouses and jackets.

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