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How Can A Fashion Design Course Help You Become A Fashion Technologist?

Most people limit their knowledge of fashion industry roles to a handful of jobs like fashion models, designers and photographers. However, there are many other people who work from the wings but are equally important in ensuring that the latest fashion trends reach the common public.

The role of a fashion technologist is one such occupation that is crucial for many production processes in the fashion world. The role of a fashion technologist can be suitable for you if you want to avoid the competitiveness of the fashion industry yet want to work in the domain.

Read ahead to learn more about fashion technologists, and explore how a fashion design course can help you become one.

What Is The Role Of A Fashion Technologist?

Most fashion technologists are hired to ensure the right fit and production of a fashion garment in the way the designer intended it to be. If need be, fashion technologists are also required to improve upon the design of the garment to make it more practical while maintaining its fashion forwardness.

Here are the most common roles and responsibilities of a fashion technologist.


What Kind Of Career Prospects Can You Expect From A Career In Fashion Technology?

You can find fashion technologists involved in the production of every kind of garment in the apparel industry. They usually work closely with pattern cutters, retail buyers and fashion designers.

As a fashion technologist, you can expect to have immense career prospects in virtually every fashion sector. The compensation packages in this sector are also very promising.

According to a report on, starting salaries in the UK’s fashion technology industry are around £ 25,000 to £ 35,000 each year. In addition to handsome compensation packages, you can also look forward to a lot of career diversity.

A few worthy jobs in this sector include fashion boutique owner, procurement manager, apparel line manager and retail chain manager.

What Kind Of Skills Do You Require To Become A Fashion Technologist?

Since the role of a fashion technologist is fairly complicated, you need a wide range of technical and managerial skills for the job. You should be able to work well under pressure and deal tactfully with difficult clients.

Apart from this, you would also require to be proficient in the following skills.

How Can A Fashion Designing Programme Help You In Your Fashion Technology Career?

A fashion design programme can educate you on the intricacies of the fashion industry and give you knowledge about the technical aspects of fashion production. It can also help you learn enough design skills that can help you work seamlessly with the design and production teams.

Invest in a good fashion design programme today to become a successful fashion or garment technologist.

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