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Best Shunies Kids Sneakers Collection

We, at Sunies, are accustomed to taking a gander at pretty things the entire day (our beautiful Sunies Sandals are sight to behold and you know it!).

However, when the most recent Sunies Kids Sneakers showed up in the workplace we were totally deeply inspired!

Sunies Kids Sneakers Collection 2021 are not just charming looking, they additionally feel and smell divine!

Thus significantly more:

safe: they are breathable, ergonomic, without slip, tough, and with a finished (in) sole

agreeable: they are super lightweight, adaptable slip-ons, without sweat thus so delicate!

flexible: they are waterproof, with a removable insole and machine-launderable

crazy: blend and-match the 5 shadings they come in (white, dark, pink, blue, and clear) for a special style or hotshot those cool socks with the reasonable (straightforward) ones

supportable: made of 77% (YES, you read right, whooping 77%!!!) normal filaments, similar to coconut, bamboo, sugar stick, salt, and coconut oil; and the rest 23% is agreeable recyclable materials

circularity: when your children have had all the climbing, bouncing, sprinkling, running experiences in them, send us back to us and you will get a markdown on future buys, we will reuse them, and the Planet will express gratitude toward all of us

ensured veggie lover

planned in Europe and made in Brazil!!!

fun: they are marked ‘left’ and ‘right’:)

novel: look nearer and you will see the strands inside

grown-up desirously initiating they come in sizes 27/28 to 35/36 (EU) so elder siblings and sisters, and even mothers will want them without a doubt!

climate well disposed: lake, ocean, pool in summer, jungle gym, backwoods climb, school in spring and fall, outside or at home and kindergarden, they are (quite often) the fitting decision (we realize children will cherish them so much, yet perhaps don’t allow them to wear in the snow! Not that they are not waterproof… 🙂

they are prepared to-arrange!

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