6 Ways Men Can Add Color to Their Wardrobe

Men have been known to have very basic color palettes in their wardrobes, often including shades of white, black, and blue. As times change and fashion trends become more diverse, however, men more readily incorporate other colors into their wardrobes. Adding a pop of color can dramatically elevate your look and add a sense of vibrancy. Here are six different ways in which men can add more color to their wardrobes.

Tip 1: Lean On Complementary Colors

One of the most straightforward ways for men to add color to their closets is with complementary colors. Complementary colors are opposite colors on the color wheel, like blue and orange; red and green; or purple and yellow. An excellent way to start wearing complementary colors is by wearing a plain-colored shirt, such as a navy blue t-shirt or a white short-sleeve henley, then layering it with a piece in a complementary color, like an orange or yellow button-down.

This simple and effective style could even be accentuated with accessories in subtle shades of complementary colors. Wearing complementary colors can enhance the boldness of your look and make you stand out. It’s also a simple way to wear brighter colors without looking too out of your comfort zone. This technique can also be applied to other clothing accessories, such as shoes or hats.

Tip 2: Pick Statement Pieces

Making a statement with your clothing is one of the most effective ways to add color to your wardrobe. Picking the right statement piece can do wonders for your outfit. A brightly printed t-shirt is an excellent example of a statement piece. You can opt for a plain-colored slimfit tee with a subtle but bold print on the front or back, or you can go for a vibrantly colored t-shirt with an intricate pattern.

Choosing a statement piece doesn’t just have to be in the form of t-shirts. You can also make a statement with accessories like vibrant belts or patterned ties. Pick something that stands out but still speaks to your style. Something brighter than you would typically wear can kick-start your journey into incorporating color into your closet.

Tip 3: The Rule of Three Colors

One easy way to add color to your closet is to use the rule of three. This means incorporating at least three different colors into your ensemble. A great way to achieve this is by wearing a pair of brightly colored trousers with a neutral top and a colorful scarf. This brightens up your look and still looks stylish. Another way to execute the rule of three is by wearing a patterned polo shirt tucked into a pair of brightly colored chinos and an accent color in the form of a jacket or shoes.

You don’t have to stick to a neutral palette; you can mix and match bold prints, textures, and other hues. To ensure you look relaxed, make sure the accent color isn’t overpowering the overall look. Also, choose colors to complement one another, making the overall look more pleasing.

Tip 4: Try Patterned Suits

Suits are an essential part of a man’s closet and can be an eye-catching yet timeless option to add color. Nothing screams sophistication quite like a suit, and the right suit can do wonders.

Patterned suits are a great way to add a hint of color to your wardrobe, with plaid and checkered suits often being the go-to choice; albeit plain suits featuring a subtle color always remain popular. A patterned suit is always bold, so make sure the pattern doesn’t clash with other pieces in your outfit. You can always opt for muted colors, such as navy blue and gray, or go bolder with a pattern that has lighter tones.


Tip 5: Hoodies

When adding color to your wardrobe, hoodies can be another option. Hoodies are versatile and comfortable clothing that can be worn in a variety of situations. There are tons of different hoodies that come in vibrant colors, from neon yellows to bright reds.

Men’s hoodies come in various designs, so you’re sure to find something that fits your style. Hoodies are especially great if you’re looking for something casual but still want an edge in terms of look. They layer perfectly over t-shirts for extra warmth and make any outfit stand out.

Tip 6: Go All Out With a Fun Print

If you’re looking for a bolder look and trying to find something that allows you to express your personality, adding a fun print to your closet is the way to go. Brightly colored prints come in all shapes and sizes, from statement graphic tees to bold florals. Brighter prints can give a modern twist to classic pieces and stand out as an accessory. If you’re feeling experimental, add vibrant clothing to your wardrobe, like a colorful cowboy button-up or a brightly printed polo shirt.


You can start with something subtle, like a polka dot t-shirt, then gradually move onto more intricate prints, like a floral print shirt. When it comes to bright and colorful prints, the possibilities are endless. Experiment with all kinds of patterns and find something that resonates with your style.

Find Your Own Style

Adding color to a man’s closet can be daunting; looking stylish and maintaining a sense of sophistication is vital. You can add color to your closet in many ways, but finding a way that works for you and your style is crucial. Whether it’s a pop of color with a unique layer or texture or a statement piece that stands out, incorporating color doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Having a wardrobe with more than one color can make all the difference in fashion and elevate your style. You can look great and feel confident with the right combination of colors and pieces.


Gwendolyn Arnold